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At Second Sight Wellness, we are dedicated to helping you Live the life You Want. Our Personal Development & Workplace Programmes are aimed at enhancing your effectiveness, reducing stress and equipping you with the power to set Clear and Compelling Goals for your personal life and career.

Our workshops and programmes are expertly designed to enable you to move from Goal to Achievement with clarity and personal resourcefulness and our Coaching and Retreats offer invaluable opportunities to reflect and secure your self-confidence personally and professionally.

Partnering for your Benefit

At Second Sight Wellness, we are always in search of the best and most current thinking and have therefore partnered with the greatest adding our expertise to theirs, for your benefit. Therefore our 7 year relationship with Brian & Sangeeta Mayne enables us to offer our signature programmes, Goal Mapping TM for Success and Life Mapping TM , both spectacular tools helping you clear that space in your mind and create an authentic and achievable plan for your life and career.

Working with Frances Tolton

Frances Tolton comes to you with a track record in excess of 20 years in Personal Development & Organisational Change. With a 5 Star reputation, your life can only be enhanced by her energy, enthusiasm for living and her power to extract clarity and build vision. Her unique one to one approach is matched with her vigorous and passionate training style. Frances is an expert in mind-set change, holds a Masters Degree in Human Development, is an international coach and conference speaker along with being a registered and accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Nutrition Coach, Psychometric Tester, NLP Master and Licenced Stress Consultant. She is author of “The Rainbow Factor – 7 Steps to life Engagement.”


A Personal Welcome from Frances Tolton



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