Frances Tolton




Brian Mayne, UK. Speaker of the Year 2010, owner at Lift International & Goal Mapping.

Brian Mayne

"Frances Tolton is an excellent coach and trainer with a superb knowledge of personal development and self-growth. However, it is her determination to live her own teaching of success and her growing quality of character that make her one of the best people at helping others also be at their best. I'm always proud to work with her and highly recommend her."


Jonathan Jay, Founder of The Coaching Academy and NABO

Jonathan Jay

“If you want inspiration, motivation and client delight - then Frances Tolton is your woman. No one matches her experience and dedication - 100% recommended."


Anne Marie Crowley BA, MSc., Dip.Coaching Freelance Coach and Trainer for personal and business change.

Anne Marie Crowley BA, MSc., Dip.Coaching

“ I first hired Frances Tolton for the benefit of Musgrave Partners/SuperValu-Centra to conduct Customer Service training and then again during 2001 and 2010 for Eli Lilly, to work on team and leadership development. Frances has a unique ability to work with large groups of people using a concept called 'open space' which is very effective in establishing shared values, vision and philosophy; in Eli Lilly this was in areas such as the management of health/safety and team consolidation within the laboratory and new production areas. I would highly recommend Frances for her enthusiasm, drive, ability to understand the needs of her clients and meet those needs with an energy and capacity which brings people along. Frances is a genuine, sincere and highly talented trainer, coach, facilitator and consultant.”




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