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Personal Wellness.

Our Personal Wellness Programmes are primarily one to one programmes designed to address your specific personal wellness needs whether they be physical, mental or spiritual. These programmes are about you and nobody else! They help you to identify and clear the barriers to you “Living the Life You Want”. Once you decide to engage with your personal development programme, you will be moving towards a clear and compelling path to creating the life you desire whether that be with a healthier body and healthy weight, a peaceful mind, fearless days or by being equipped with more powerful skills to step up to your life experiences.

Focus areas for our Personal Wellness Programmes

  • Finding Purpose & Setting goals for Life – Brian & Sangeeta Mayne's “Life Mapping” & “Goal Mapping”
  • Nutrition & Weight Management
  • Stress Free Living
  • Life Change through Clinical Hypnotherapy including “STOP SMOKINK”, Healthy Weight & Self Confidence.

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Nutrition & Weight Management

“Take the Weight Off Your Mind”

We are licenced to offer you the Number 1 most successful Weight Management system in the U.S. here in Ireland. Delivered by Certified Consultant & Nutrition Coach, Frances Tolton.

A one to one programme which propels you on a journey to independent & lasting health and weight loss through expert help, encouragement, compassion and fun! This programme is designed to speak to YOUR LIFE!

You will learn the most important and ONLY lifelong secret of managing your weight – “Blood Sugar Stabilisation”. By the end of your programme, you will have the knowledge and automatic skill to achieve and maintain your healthy weight. You will also be trained in accessing your unique “Personal Healthy Mind-set” which empowers you on a daily basis to truly “Take the Weight off Your Mind”. Your programme will include the services of your personal Certified Nutrition coach and Weight Loss expert. This programme includes your personal “Health Personality” assessment and the development of your “Healthy Living” Plan with a full year of online support with everything you need to Live the Healthy Life you want.

  • All about YOU ! Personal Health Assessment & “Health Personality”.
  • Clinical Body composition including understanding the key perameters for success.
  • Setting your goals for your life!
  • Blood Sugar Stabilisation – how to get instant results.
  • Your Nutrition & Life Balance coaching Programme…… your partner in managing you, your food, your lifestyle, other people……………..

We are so proud to partner with Visalis Sciences & body By Vi to provide you with a real system for health.

For complete details of our Nutrition & Weight Loss programme and Blood Sugar Stabilisation , just call for a personal discussion & guidance plan.

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Stress Free Living – Live the Life You want.

“The Motivation Method” – Stress Management with Positive Motivation created by Matthew Ferguson and delivered by Frances Tolton.

A one to one programme or single occasion consultation of Personal Stress Management Coaching with a Licenced Stress Expert. This programme is aimed at restoring your Personal Power to meet the challenges of life using your own natural resources. We will empower you to re-find your personal ability to identify stressors at a very early stage and act swiftly and effectively to overcome the challenge before it has a chance to negatively affect your life.

You will learn easily applicable techniques and tools to make your life a different place to be and we will provide you with excellent supports to apply to your everyday life. AND – we will ensure you get ample opportunity to practice each technique while with us, so that you leave with confidence.

This programme includes a Personal Assessment to identify what your barriers are and how they can sometimes take hold in your life. We will then target each of these and help you get in charge of clearing your path of the obstacles to your success and happiness.

  • Listening to YOU – your story!
  • Understanding Stress & how it works in our lives – the Positive & Negative aspects.
  • Identifying Your Challenges and Barriers.
  • Tools and Techniques (Practice).
  • Effective Relaxation Techniques.

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Life Change through Clinical Hypnotherapy

Dispelling the mystery of Hypnotherapy –

Hypnosis can be a highly effective form of treatment for many mental, psychosomatic, and physical disorders. Hypnosis is a trance state in which the hypnotised person is in a heightened, more receptive state of mind. During a session of hypnotherapy with a suitably trained therapist, the client is not unconscious, does not lose control of his or her faculties, and does not do things during hypnotherapy that he or she would be unwilling to do otherwise.

The professional certified therapist leads the patient to positive change while the patient is deeply relaxed in a state of heightened suggestibility called trance. This is essentially a state of deep relaxation which allows the client to clear their minds and see their potential to positively change their life. Because of their relaxed state, the stresses and doubts of life are not allowed to interfere with the positive, encouraging messages suggested by the therapist. Hypnotherapy is a wonderful experience and opportunity to re-find your personal resourcefulness and power to achieve your life goals.

At Second Sight Wellness you have the opportunity to work with Frances Tolton who holds a Master's Degree in Human Development, a 25 year track record in Personal change and is an accredited and certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Life Change with Clinical Hypnotherapist Frances Tolton,

  • Weight Loss
  • Overcoming Stress, Panic & Anxiety
  • Overcoming Fear & Phobia
  • Past Life Regression Therapy
  • Restoring Self Esteem and Self Confidence
  • Stopping Smoking
  • Pre & Post-Operative Mind-set
  • Positive thinking
  • Business Mastermind
  • Personal Confidence Building.

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